What we do

To create an ever-evolving ecosystem of start-ups and entrepreneurs, MZU BioNEST offers the following services to startups and budding entrepreneurs.

Physical Infrastructure

  • Furnished Office Space
  • Shared resources: Meeting rooms, Conference rooms, Pantry
  • Office productivity equipment: Photocopier, Scanner, Projector, video audio conferencing facilities


  • MZUBioNEST Laboratory with Equipment and software tools, Facilitation for access to other existing laboratories within Mizoram University, and or of any other institute/organization. It will be subject to the said organization/Institute‚Äôs approval and policy.


  • Electricity
  • Internet
  • Documentation and Printing
  • Cafeteria

Advisory and Training

  • Mentoring
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Free advisory from Experts- legal, CA, IP, fund raising. Areas may be added/ removed during the incubation. The supported entities however will have to pay for specific transactions.


  • Facilitation for business, professionals and expert network
  • Facilitation for investors network
  • Facilitation for industry connection
  • Showcasing opportunities
  • MZU network of alumni and experts

Ecosystem Advantage

  • Experiential learning in bio-incubator
  • MZU Ecosystem- Technology Based Incubator, technical resources and interactions, students, library, easy access to IP
  • Mizoram University Library and Online Resources
  • Availability of interns and temporary support system
  • Mizoram University MZUBioNEST brand
  • Media visibility
  • Address for incorporation (for resident supported entities under physical incubation)

Sponsoring Agency Support

Read more about BIRAC Support and Funding Opportunities here