Bio-Hack 2020

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Bio-Hack, the MZU BioNEST Online Hackathon will specifically focus on the interaction of the biology sector and social sectors problems which require technical interventions. This online challenge aims to attract ideas related to problems in biology sector and how they can be solved with the help of social intervention enhanced by research and technology

This event will run for 72 hours from 14th – 17th November 2020 and the participants will Submit their Hacks to the email The ideas reaching the final stages will receive Cash Incentives and Incubation Support from MZU BioNEST.


  1. Bamboo
  2. Aromatic and Medicinal Plants
  3. Agriculture and Horticulture
  4. Bio-Fuel and Bio-Fertilizers


Cash incentives of Rs. 10000/- and Rs. 5000/- will be provided for each Thematic Area. Apart from the cash incentives, Non-cash Incentives will include Incubation and IP support from MZU BioNEST, Consultation Support from the Mentors and a citation.