Eligibility for Incubation Program

Admission to MZUBioNEST-BEM for incubation is open to all start-ups with focus on life sciences and allied fields. MZUBioNEST also encourages participation from Self-Help Groups (SHG), Community Based Organizations, Civil Society Organizations and Cooperative Societies. However, preference will be given to start-ups having affiliation with Mizoram University. The centre is open for applicants from

  • Faculty members from all schools and departments of Mizoram University
  • Students enrolled for regular courses in Mizoram University
  • Research Scholars and Project Staffs of Mizoram University
  • Alumni of Mizoram University
  • Permanent Staff of Mizoram University
  • Faculty, staff and students of affiliated colleges under Mizoram University
  • Government Agencies associated with MZUBioNEST-BEM
  • Applicants supported under any program managed by MZUBioNEST-BEM
  • Application sought from other sources

The incubatee may be a Private Limited Company (PLC) or a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

In case the Incubatee is a Proprietorship, Partnership Firm or a Pre-Incorporated entity, the promoters must get it registered as a PLC or as a LLP within five months of entry into incubation.

The incubatee may also be a registered society under “The Mizoram Societies Registration Act 2005” in case of societal incubatees.

To apply for our Incubation Program, CLICK HERE